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On The Body

What you put on your body can have a minor or huge impact on your health. For those clients who need and choose to up-level their health, we offer alternative support for make-up, skin care, bath care, hair care, as well as top of the line essential oils. There’s so much out there to choose from and that’s why I created the system to help figure out exactly what’s right for you!

Improving Circulation

Circulation is a key in removing toxic substances from the body. These toxins come into play from the chemicals in our food, from what we breathe, and from what we put on our body (for example, deodorants, moisturizer, laundry detergent, etc.). Circulation has another component to it called MicroCirculation, which focuses on the capillaries (the smallest unit of blood vessel we have). Capillaries are very important because they have a direct role in removing toxins. We know that a healthy body is a clear body! Toxins prevent your body from being and achieving health. Toxins have been directly correlated to having low energy, not properly metabolizing food, not absorbing nutrients, needing coffee or energy drinks to get through the day, headaches, holding onto fat, feeling irritable, acne, rashes, weight gain, auto-immune disease, thyroid issues, pre-diabetes and diabetes, and the list goes on.

In our office, we have proven results that
we can help you with

  • General Blood Flow

  • Nutrient and Oxygen Flow

  • Cardiac Function -Physical Fitness, Strength and Energy

  • Concentration and Mental Acuity

  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation

  • Sleep Management

With this method, we help your MicroCirculation get up to speed so you can rid yourself of the toxins that keep you from having the optimal health state and from living an optimal life!

  • Scientifically proven – 5 International Patents – Listed in 50 Medical Publications

  • FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Device – German Designed and Swiss Manufactured

  • Used in over 4,000 clinics and hospitals

  • Used by the top athletes and celebrities

  • Over a million users worldwide


VoxxLife is a company dedicated to creating natural products geared to optimizing human performance. These products tap into the nervous system and help redirect nerve flow to a more optimal state, where communication has no barriers and the body can then access it’s true ability to heal. We distribute these socks in our office because we know the feet are your foundation for balance, stability and strength. The feet also possess very special nerves that help you in each of those areas. Traditional orthotics, or store bought orthotics DO NOT tap into those nerves. We have triple digit testimonials to the fact that people who wear VoxxSocks experienced reduced pain, increased strength and endurance, increased stability and balance as well enhanced range of motion with faster reaction times. Whether you’re a mother, working professional, hair stylist, yogi or yoga instructor, contractor, mechanic, bartender, landscaper, entrepreneur, or athlete, this very affordable brand can help you in your every day activities and maximize every step you take!


For grass fed meats: www.uswellnessmeats.com
For wild caught fish: www.vitalchoice.com
For Dr Renee approved products: www.amazon.com and locate Dr. Renee Approved link.