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Immersion Retreats

Would you like to up your life and up your game of life?
The success formula to do that is to upgrade your BODY.

Our body’s store cellular memory in our tissues.
Our body’s store events and stress of the past.
And over time, we become hard wired.

Our Immersion Retreats offer you an opportunity to get away from your daily life, distraction free, fully immersed in an environment where your needs are heard and met, your hard wiring is being re-wired, where the stress stored in your nervous system for too long is released, and you can finally feel like YOU.

While on this retreat, you will experience body work that helps release stress, increase breathing capacity, clears up the brain fog, opens up nerve flow and creates greater opportunity for a more relaxed, open, more flexible you. By releasing the stuck points in the nervous system, you will feel the ripple effect of the baggage you’ve been holding start to unpack itself!

You will experience the breaths that fill your lungs fully, and that inner light that has been dimmed will shine again. And that which you have internalized to keep it together, to get through the days, weeks and months will naturally seamlessly melt away. I will gently help your nervous system UNLOCK layers of what is being held in your body and what is holding you back in your life.

More strength. More energy. Less weighing you down.

As you unwind from all that has kept you trapped, we develop new tools custom for YOU that you take home to navigate your life. Upon completion of the Immersion Retreat, you will go back to your environment, family, friends, career, LIFE… and be able to handle life from a better place.

Because NOW you are EMBODYED.