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Genetic Nutrition

Nutrigenetics is the name given to the marriage between nutrition and genetics. In this cutting edge discipline, we can locate your genetic weaknesses and find out how these weaknesses are effecting your life, your health, your energy, your body, etc. This is fascinating technology! We can actually look at genetics and discover how far you are from 100% functioning at your core.

Now, we can’t change the genes, but we CAN compensate for the genetic weaknesses with supplements and lifestyle changes so that you function at YOUR optimal state!

Now get this…..

When mom and dad created you, each one passed on 50% of their genetic make up to you. So whether you are looking at hair color, eye color, metabolism, skin tone, and aging, these are all qualities you have based on your genetic make up.

What happens sometimes is that there are deviations from normal in our genetics.

This is called a variant. Since genes help your body make enzymes and enzymes help your body function, if a gene has a variant, or two variants, that will effect your body function AT IT’S CORE.

These variants can effect your metabolism and slow down or prevent your cells from breaking down proteins, fats, carbohydrates (no matter how good your diet is). These variants can create higher levels of inner anxiety, sleep issues (falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up), inflammation, bloating, weight issues, aging faster, having less energy and relying on coffee, energy drinks, or naps.

These genetic variants can be the reason why you’ve tried so many things but you felt like you were a hamster on a wheel; running but not getting anywhere.

So let’s do something about it!

Working with us, we will HANDLE the weaknesses and HANDLE the imbalances…. so that you can finally begin to HANDLE life


  • Living a lifestyle that actually SUPPORTS you rather than HURTS you

  • Knowing the EXACT FOODS that work best for your body and which ones are doing way more harm then good (no matter how healthy they are touted to be)

  • Having a 20 plus page report that gives you REAL DATA on your genetic strengths and weaknesses and how to compensate for them to be the WHOLE 100% awesome YOU.

Working with me on my Genetic Nutrition program, people have reported:

  • Increase in energy

  • Improvement in digestion and the breaking down of foods

  • An easier time eating and function through life

  • Renewed clarity

  • Brains fog lifted

  • Weight loss

  • Blood sugar stabilized

  • Alleviation of headaches and migraines

  • Relief from rashes and skin imbalances

We detected hidden infections, deficiencies, auto-immunity, food sensitivities, inflammation and toxicities BEFORE they become a problem.

If they already are a problem, we find the solution… ONCE AND FOR ALL.


Blood Analysis

This will help us see what is CURRENTLY going on and show us how the genetic weakness are currently manifesting themselves in your body. It’s snapshot of the present time moment.

Hormone Testing

Hormone imbalances can sometimes be a primary contributor to what’s impacting your health, so it’s essential to identify them. That being said, there are cases where the hormone imbalance is secondary to an underlying cause. Primary or Secondary… we need to find out what it is!

Supplement Evaluation

Stop wasting your money on supplements that you don’t need and may not even be absorbing. You are unique and your supplements should be as well. We offer custom designed supplements just for you, targeted to help handle the genetic weakness at it’s core.


Interested and would like more information? Join us for an evening of fun and education where you will learn more about what could be happening
under the surface and how we can find the solution designed for you! Contact our office for the details.