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Are you tired of dealing with the pain? Has your pain taken over your life in any way? Has it gone to the point where it has effected your personal life, social life, relationships, activity levels and even your mood?

My friend, you are not alone!

So many of our clients come in for pain, practically crying for H-E-L-P! At our office, our methods help you handle pain from the inside out! So many approaches are focused on symptom chasing and trying to ONLY fix the symptom. We are different because we focus on solving the problem from the WHOLE perspective.

Did you know that the nervous system controls and coordinates every cell, tissue, organ and system in your body? Your tight muscles, your achy joints, your stiff neck, your aching back are all controlled by the nervous system (as well as so many things too long to list here). Actually, the nervous system is so important that it is the FIRST thing to develop in the womb! And the main role of the nerves is to communicate! Nerves communicate with everything in the body. If the nerves are flowing and healthy, communication is flowing and healthy and you are flowing and healthy.

What stops the nerves from communicating? From being healthy?

It’s a four letter word: L I F E !!!

Why? Because Life is ultimately stress. Your body doesn’t know the difference between good stress and bad stress. So whether you’re having an argument with a spouse, someone passed away, your kids are misbehaving, or if you just got that promotion, you’re getting married or you’re moving into a new house…your body DOES NOT know the difference!

Your body goes into the same physical reaction! Here it is…

When there’s a stress in your life, your body will go into the fight or flight reaction. There’s more to this, but I’m simplifying it so you can understand your body better and gain more understanding about what’s gone on for you in the past or even today. So you have this fight or flight reaction and blood gets shifted AWAY from the part of the brain that helps you think clearly (higher brain) and goes TO the part of the brain that is emotional and reactive (lower/lizard brain). Also your muscles instantly get tight, breathing stops, and tension builds up in the nervous system and muscles. So your body is getting tight and cortisol the stress hormone starts to do its thing. Cortisol causes gut issues, sugar imbalances, increased heart rate, weight gain, and all sorts of inflammation.

Think about a time you were driving and you look up in your rearview mirror and see a cop car behind you with the lights on. Sometimes the lights are off and you can still have that reaction right? And you may start stressing out, your heart rate may increase, some people tell me they start sweating, feel nervous, try to think of things to say to get out of the ticket, think of how much money the ticket will cost and what is going to happen to insurance rates…….on and on and on. Then, after this whole stress extravaganza, you see the cop car pulling over someone else (and you say THANK YOU that it wasn’t you). BUT you still had the stress reaction, and the stress wasn’t even yours!!

We focus on the re-patterning of the nervous system to help you with the pain and in most cases, our clients report that their pain resolves. Pain is a symptom that there’s something going on inside the body and we look to find it, help you fix it, and be free of pain! More importantly, with what you learn from our office, you will be able to apply these methods to your body even when you are at home, at the store, etc.

We do collaborate with other physicians as required for patient care as our goal is to educate and empower you to how your body works and how you can resolve the long term challenges you’ve been having. Our mission is for you to re-boot your stress, regain your vitality and live a healthier, vibrant, active life that you deserve!